flOw Expansion AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion regarding our first commercial release, flOw PS3, PSP, PS4, PS Vita, and the old Flash/PC version.

Postby mitran » Mon Nov 26, 2007 3:41 am

Amish_Gramish wrote:
ayrkain wrote:Really like the new creature, but Amish is right... the challenge factor was lessened to some degree. The camera is pretty cool, but I don't like how it freezes the whole game for a second. I guess it's probably necessary, but still it interrupts my "flOw" if I accidentally eat the "camera" food thing.

Oh, and to Amish re: Rock Band... in the words of Napolean Dynamite: "Luckyyyy". :D

That's what that freezing was!!!!
I thought it was a glitch in the game!

Well, to talk about Mitran's problem:
The guys at Uncharted made the demo for Uncharted available for Europeans also, so it seems that Sony isn't as evil as originally thought.
Hopefully the GoodVillains at SuperVillian will make an update for the expansiOn so you can play it.

yes i will hope that :D sony aint evil are thay ( thay realy seem to trye too fix thing ( come on sony make one WW-PSN store insted of 15-20 (100) psn stopre's have one store for all the world :P
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Postby mitran » Mon Nov 26, 2007 3:52 am

Ah, that makes sense. Unfortunately the way patching in the new expansion pack data works requires that both the original game and the expansion come from the same region.[ /quote]
Thanks , i wil trye to see if i can downloald it from the US store - if not i might pay for it agin and download it flow from the us store ( lol i will have 3 flow on my ps3 hdd . !) insted of being the "I have 3 ps3 and you have non " i will become the i have 3 flow on my ps3 and you have non " man :P. upload a vid on youtube having 3 flow :P installd .
( also will thatgamecompany make any ps-eye thing s ?
( on my ps3 right now the webbrowser aint all that ;P )
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