Advice for a high schooler

If you are or want to pursue a video game major. We would have a lot stories to share.

Advice for a high schooler

Postby natryamar » Wed Feb 01, 2017 3:34 pm

Hi I'm a high school junior that would love to get into the game industry. I think that working on the programming aspect of game design would be awesome but I don't really know where I should go for college or what I should study. So far I know a little bit of c# from a programming class I took last semester and I'm using that to make a little game in Unity. Should I try to learn other programming languages like Java or c++? Where should I apply for college? What degree should I go for? Will game companies hire students fresh out of college? What should I do to work for a studio like thatgamecompany?
Any advice you guys have would be amazing
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Re: Advice for a high schooler

Postby Paraph » Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:18 am

hmmmm. ok.

I think you're already doing fabulously and should just keep that up. Which isn't bad at all! take it in stride. >:) !!

I'm biased so, If you're in California there is university of southern cali, santa cruz, and a bunch of others, which have a connection to the game dev community, In general, and I really mean, in general.

it helps a lot if there are people there who have done it before, where you are, but don't let it bug you too much if you don't see this. cause it bugged me a lot ;D....being in NYC...feeling like I was only with noobs.

you already have capacity to do what you need to do <3 don't sweat it.

So i'm in NYC and there is NYU game center.
no one in the field making things really gives a damn. except for some who are biased towards them. Why? cause it's a school and schools are like hubs and hubs can be biased, and it doesn't really mean much at all ;D except that you have went to school and probably saw a lot of people making stuff you wanted to make, and that maybe maybe maybe you worked your ass off to make stuff just like them. not a guarantee.

But if for some reason you want to go there you CAN.

There are a bunch of schools in the United States that emphasize games in a small way, under a hood of TECH. DESIGN. ART. sort of thing. You might find game people in these types of programs. So if you see that, do it ;D

The thing is, is that game devs aren't really tied to programs particularly. They sort of convene in an area all over the place and do different things. In general the only similarity they seem to have is they...

1)make stuff 2)make stuff and 3)make stuff 4)might be a little obnoxious, ignorant, and... just joking ;D don't listen to me. you will absolutely make friends if you haven't already and there are lots of good people. Because we are all people who just happened to make stuff that moves.


I think it's worth keeping in mind that this is your undergrad and you need to decide what you want. it is more important for you to figure OUT what you want, which you can only sort of do, as you go along, on your own time, hearing yourself out. sort of thing.

But just to help out, you can for instance!!!! SEE BELOW:

1) prioritize a school that will have ties to games and game dev, or has ties to development
2) see if there's an active, living, social game dev community involved somehow
3) study programming as a Computer Science Major
4) OR...if you really don't care about something else that floats your boat. cause I did not like CS. Nope.

Other things include:
5) maybe study Media and Design if you can get your hands on it; that is actually super nice.
6) take advantage of any cool creative tech-y classes you can get your hands on, like animation or art.
7) make a bunch of friends that want to do the same (i.e. talk about all this stuff, just like you! ;D)
8 ) meet real game devs and feel cool but not too cool .... VERY IMPORTANT TOO. Cause it makes everything human.

9) keep making stuff no matter wut, whether that is writing, art making, engineering, music-ing, etc. make the stuff you want to make

10) absolutely do whatever you can to keep floating and keep having fun.

and if anyone tries to screw that up give them this face :evil: OR... I dunno. you got this ;D


If the school is lacking in ANY of the above, you might want to keep lookin but you might find yourself short on schools! So just go somewhere good, or super good, or super super good, and study, connect, meet people, and grow as much as possible.

if you really want to go to school with games invested in, you can start meeting people and asking. it's not a guarantee that you'll work on games this way cause that's not what matters. besides you're doing what matters so I dunno why it matters.

Learn the programming things you want to learn (but if you look on the job boards you will see the skills already asked for, that should be a good indicator *cough*)

don't forget to believe in your self.

ok. that's it.

I don't work for TGC by the way. ;D
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Re: Advice for a high schooler

Postby natryamar » Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:38 pm

Thanks soooooo much for the advice!!!
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Re: Advice for a high schooler

Postby Paraph » Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:02 am

wishing you the best on your school and journey <3 <3 =)
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