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Postby tantopat » Wed May 02, 2012 12:47 pm

New apology I'd like to make (and I hope it's okay for me to post twice in a row); I'm really sorry that I left the game just now, white-cloaked companion! You were amazing to play with, and I had so much fun singing to you and doing pirouettes in the air, but sadly there was a power cut and my PS3 shut down. :( Never before have power cuts made me feel so disappointed... I just hope this player is on the forum, I'd love to know who it is so that I can thank them for showing me where all the symbols are (and helping me get across the bridge despite my most likely annoying repeated falling XD)!
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Postby GenKillYou » Thu May 03, 2012 11:54 am

I met you last night in the broken bridge area around 1 am central time US. You showed me the "extra area" then we continued to the sunken city. While you were showing me the "extra area" there you flew up and I tried to follow but was blown further down by the wind. I tried signaling you and I could see your glow on the edge of the screen but i could not get back to you.

We walked off the edge of the map only to faceplant a few times on the invisible ground.

Sorry i lost you. Thanks for the tour and i hope we meet again!
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Postby Ximph » Fri May 04, 2012 12:51 am

Lex wrote:First I need to apologize to the traveler playing with me on Sunday (March, 25th) evening in the underground level. I had no idea I would ultimately lead us into the Abyss 'behind the level'. It was a depressing feeling hitting the invisible wall time and time again with you, not being able to get back into the level... and it only got worse when there was nothing but greyish black in front of us. I was really sad when you left me there all by myself, but I picked myself up and found a way out of there. Surprisingly, I was nearly at the beginning of the level. I started to walk the path through the tunnel, but sadly the event when the 'snake war machine' thingy comes rushing at you wasn't triggered, so I wasn't able to get through the level and ultimately had to shut down the PS3. Sorry, buddy, I just wanted to explore the cave with you.

Second... to the kind traveller in the white robe which I met in the 'tower level' yesterday (Sunday, March, 25th), who showed me the way to the flOw creature in the cage and - more importantly - to the last missing glyph for my transcendence. You were the first white robe I encountered and showed me the way to get the white robe myself. I was happy that you stuck with me til the end... even though I took my time to get to the mountain top in the last level. I wanted to meditate with you on a peak, but you weren't there anymore. I was really happy when I reached the top and you sat there... waiting for me. In hope that you'll read this: I drew a 'heart sign' in the snow (which I think you realised as you followed in my trail) to show you that I appreciated your kind help and your lovely companionship. Thank you!

Oh! That was me!! I somehow lost you somewhere and I hung around near the jellyfish scarf creatures calling out but after a while I decided it was best to wait for you at the top. I had no idea you wanted to meditate, but I am glad we could finish the game together and glad that I was able to show you where that tricky little glyph was! Sadly the ps3 isn't mine and it must be returned to its rightful owner so until I get one of my own I wont be traveling with anyone until I visit said friends house. Anyway, glad to have journeyed with you! :)
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Postby World » Fri May 04, 2012 7:31 pm

Dear companion, we played together last night around 10PM mountain time throughout the last half of the game. We had so much fun. We sat side by side on the carpet monster in the lake for no reason, just enjoying ourselves. We made up a song with our voices together that we sang when we were safe from harm. I had a lot of fun.

I'm sorry I fell off of the ribbon bridge in the snow storm and fell to the base of the mountain. I tried to fly up but my scarf just wasn't long enough. I tried to climb up the wall but it didn't work. You kept calling me. I had to scale the whole mountain again and when I returned to the bridge you were gone. I went as fast as I could and tried to find you, but I couldn't do it. At the end I thought I saw you so I dashed through the blizzard. It wasn't you, it was just a gravestone. I'm sorry we never got to climb to the top of the mountain together.
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Postby Klowny » Fri May 04, 2012 8:24 pm

World wrote:I'm sorry I fell off of the ribbon bridge in the snow storm and fell to the base of the mountain. I tried to fly up but my scarf just wasn't long enough. I tried to climb up the wall but it didn't work. You kept calling me. I had to scale the whole mountain again and when I returned to the bridge you were gone. I went as fast as I could and tried to find you, but I couldn't do it. At the end I thought I saw you so I dashed through the blizzard. It wasn't you, it was just a gravestone. I'm sorry we never got to climb to the top of the mountain together.

This hasn't happened to me or to anyone I've been with for a long time, but when it did, we'd not forsake one another.

IMO, your Companion should be apologizing to you for not going down with you.
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Postby ShifterCat » Tue May 08, 2012 12:12 am

To Archangel977, Yukibo70, PublicEnemy92, JohnQuest85, and some others whose names I didn't get down in time: thanks very much for helping me, especially the person with me during the underground/underwater bit during which I was so clueless.
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Postby jharlow » Wed May 16, 2012 1:32 pm

I'm sorry, my white cloaked companion, you showed me everything, every trophy, every glyph, every symbol.

Unfortunately my real life called, I had to quit the game during the credits, and thus I shall never be able thank you for being the awesome, patient kind person you were.
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Re: Journey Apologies

Postby GenKillYou » Sat May 19, 2012 5:19 pm

Kokou wrote:For the person i first finished my game with, thank you for showing me new things, i was playing the game for the first time! You had a lot of patience with me, specially with those 'plant' things in the caves, i would always fall and you would descend to meet me and showing me the way, thanks! I also finished my journey with you and it was awesome, emoting. Then you added me and sended me a message about how great the game is! Thanks! I really aprecciate it!

For the second white-cloaked companion I met yesterday (May 18th), in the Cave area, Thank you for showing me all those scarf upgrades and little secrets, now, when i encounter other players, i guide them to those symbols, thank you!

Is your PSN something like Kokou-3956? If so i was the second white cloak.
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Lost in the Journey

Postby TieflingZhai » Sat May 26, 2012 7:17 am

Dear Friends,

I have many people to apologize to after completing this game for the first time, but one more than the others.
I'm so, so, so sorry, friend at the end of the game. We went through the blizzard together, huddling in the cold. You were not as confident and excited as I was, so I did my best to lead us forward. Even when the flying monster creepy thing honed in on you and caught me in its jaws instead, I didn't mind. I leaped down the cliff after you when you fell. I waited at the top of the summit while you figured out how to soar. I waited, I waited, I waited, because I wanted us to beat the game together.

But then we died. I thought I had let you down. I thought we had failed. Seriously, I thought I had messed up somehow. I thought I had killed you.

But then we were back, soaring through heaven. And for a moment, I forgot all about you. I was so elated to be alive, swirling in the energy, so close to the summit, I took to the skies, soaring upward and forward. I assumed you were behind me. When I turned back, you weren't. I want you to know I went all the way back to the beginning of the board. And then I went forward, slowly. And then I went backward. But you were gone.

I hope you're not still stuck somewhere, patiently chirping, waiting for my return.

I hope you can beat it without me. The end made me cry.


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Re: Journey Apologies

Postby lordmjukis » Mon May 28, 2012 9:29 pm

I was sure I was in for my first solo journey. After falling into the sunken city, I shrugged the sand off my white cloak and spotted your red cloak in the dark. I showed you many places you hadn't found, and we shared twirling dances in the tower.

I don't know what happened in the snow. We were trudging upward, you stopped. I chirped at you to continue, but you just started singing hysterically. When I returned to your side, you sat down. I sat next to you, until you vanished, and longer still. I'm sorry I couldn't sit longer.
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Re: Journey Apologies

Postby lickbrains » Tue May 29, 2012 11:58 pm

I have a few apologies to make;

- Last Saturday was my very first time playing the game. When we reached The Tunnels, you tried to get me to jump onto a relatively tall ruin and, as a person who is horrible at jumping, I failed often so I'm sorry if I wore out your patience. It was fun playing though!

- To my companion in my first time through The Mountain—I am really sorry if your patience wore thin with me. I was horrible at this part and the flying monsters scared the ever-living crap out of me. I kept letting you take the bait and it tore your scarf until there was nothing left so I am truly apologetic for that. I understand why you would vanish. I didn't want to go on by myself so I turned off the game then as well.

- To the first companion I finished the game with; I apologize for leaving without you after The Summit. I got too excited and had forgotten you were there as well. I don't know if you tried to keep up with me or if you left without me but I waited for you at the very top but you never showed so I assumed you'd left. I apologize for leaving without you and hope you didn't wait for me long if you waited.

- Today, I had a white cloaked companion that I met in The Descent where we were sandsurfing. I may have apologized to the wrong person on PSN but, in case I got the wrong person, I'd like to apologize for ditching you afterwards. I'd gotten disconnected :\ Initially, I was just going to get the last glyph I needed, save, and start over but I'd forgotten to disable my internet connection and you popped up! I was really looking forward to finishing with you though. Thank you for an awesome time however short-lived that may be.

I feel like I have more to apologize for but I can't remember. Anyway, thank you again, companions!
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Re: Journey Apologies

Postby bluepenguin05 » Wed May 30, 2012 2:53 am

I am sorry to the whitecloak I abandoned in the snow.

Work beckoned, and I was twenty minutes late, so I logged out quick. The last thing I saw was you getting slammed by the monster in the snow. I am so so sorry.

I am sorry for not communicating well in the snow, I am sure you were trying to tell me something but I couldn't figure it out, except the love heart, which I returned to you.

But thankyou for showing me the face plant. Both of us, faceplanting in the snow, while the blizzard pushed us back, is one of my fondest memories on the journey.

Thankyou also for sitting with me and waiting while I stepped away from the screen for a minute.

In case we ever meet again, I am a whitecloak, who likes to sometimes sit and stare at the world. Who now also enjoys faceplanting at any opportunity.


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Re: Journey Apologies

Postby sodachan » Wed May 30, 2012 8:55 pm

I'm so very sorry to the partner I lost in the glitched area of the bridge level, I had no idea it'd disconnect it! I know it's not a big deal, but I feel pretty bad about it. <:/
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Re: Journey Apologies

Postby Jo Pierce » Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:05 am

Dear Faceplanter,

You wore white. I wore red. We met at the broken bridge.

I had a great time journeying with you last night. (About 2 am Eastern time). You faceplanted right off the bat. Then you kept faceplanting. Again and again. I tried and I tried, but I still don't know how to do it.

So each time, I tried to sit on you.

That didn't work either.

I am glad that I decided to wear red last night, instead of white. You seemed to forgive a lot of my nOObish behaviours. I am sorry to say I have played about 20 times... but still can't jump right. Or faceplant.

I had a good time with you. We sat for a few minutes around the flower. You faceplanted again and again. Then, you left when we were near the top of the temple. Or we were separated. I can't tell. I went down to find you - I thought you were playing with the ancestor. I couldn't find you.

Sorry I couldn't keep up. In fact, I then passed out from exhaustion. It was 3 am by then... so I don't even know your name, despite my attempts to sit on you...

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Re: Journey Apologies

Postby laceyoga » Wed Jun 06, 2012 1:51 pm

The Snow Level - Two White Cloaks

Times were good in the drifting snow. We chirped ourselves warm, soared over windswept steps and danced on glowing lanterns.

Hey, I admit it. I like to taunt the War Machines with a taste of my yummy vanilla scarf. And today, as we were almost through their cafeteria line gauntlet, the Machine came in for a bite. It tossed me just as I knew it would (weeeeeeeeeee) right to the end of their buffet line. But I got stuck mid-tumble, behind the tombstone to the right of the next slope entrance. Tumbling and tumbling, unable to chirp, fly or meditate. Just tumbling. You tried to chirp me free but, alas, I was stuck in a new and terrifying glitch.

I thought I could maybe sign-out and sign right back in, free of the tumble and reconnect with you. So I did. I was still tumbling but now I was all alone. But wait, suddenly I was glowing red again and, in an unexpected moment of irony, the War Machine chewed me out of the tumble. I was free. Cold and lonely but free.

I raced up the snow, hoping to reconnect. I couldn't find you but I saw the occasional glow here and there. Finally I spotted someone. Was it you? A White Cloak sitting just beyond the entrance to the final ascent. Coldly meditating. I chirped, danced and pushed you around. I tried to push you up the slope to our final moment in Paradise but to no avail. You were frozen stiff and stuck in chilly samadhi.

I had to ascend to Paradise alone, a solitary traveller.

Damn, you War Machines. I hope my yummy vanilla scarf gave you indigestion.
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